Am I Suicidal?

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I don't want to kill myself and I don't think I will ever try but lately I'v been feeling really bad and wishing I get disease or something that will kill me...

I just wanted to know if you guys think I am because my old doctor thought I was but I didnt
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I felt the same way not so long ago. For me it was the result of things in my life not going well, I felt that I was on a highway to nowhere and I felt useless and depressed because of it.

Ofcourse you dont have to answer, but what is your personal situation like? And can you find any concrete solutions to improve the situation you are in?
Oh wow! I was just thinking abouit that yesterday. I have thought about it alot in my life. I am not sure it's been suicidal I think it's depression and not wanting to deal with depression, painful things and ect.

If you ever want to talk about that or anything don't hesitate to PM me and by the way :welcome: to SF!!! hope you find the help you need and loads of friends. :hug:


:hug: :rose:

With lotsa hugs,
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