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Am I suicidal

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Hi I'm really worried.

I have suffered from anxiety for many years and was prescribed Cipralex for it which seemed to help. Anyway I had to come off it for a little while but came back on it yesterday. This morning I was told a story of a really gruesome way a girl killed herself and I can't stop thinking about it!

I think what if I did that. I've always had a fear of death hence the anxiety but this thought is so scary.

Do you think stopping and starting the tablets could be causing this one of the side affects is increased thoughts of suicide.

I don't want to be dead it's just this particular way that I keep thinking about. I'm so confused right now. Can anyone help me?


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hmmm what is it about this girl that made you keep thinking about it?

when I used to be suicidal the thought of doing some dramatic suicide method would sometimes get me pleasure... as if to show the world "look what you did"


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This could be suicide ideation? Thoughts of suicide without actually trying it, something I have quite a lot especially recently.

Yes I think it could be caused by meds.
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