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Am I The Blessed 1?

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Hey ppl..how u doin..dis is my 1st post..so a lil bit excitd..lol.I just wantd to share mah feelings wit ya ppl..coz i can see many have done dat in hea.I m messd up in my life only bcoz of mah studies.I was studying well till mah 9th grade..n after dat i kinda messd up all.COz of dis i dnt really get close to ppl..coz they ask me..how well r ya doing in yr studies.I have avoided dem coz i was not gud in studies n they might feel..wat a bloody looser I AM....i dunno..watz happnin wit me...I have lost a couple of friends coz of dis.I am intelligent and can score very high..but i dnt have any motivational frnds or any 1.The place where i live now is totally new for me..And i m sick of dis..No friends nothing..It feels like..i m alive lyk sum vegetable..2 yrs ago i failed i mah exams n dat was the 1st time ..i evr faild in mah finals...so dat effctd me a lot...Aftr dat ..takin a gap of 1 yr i m gonna write dat exam again..n dis time..i feel dat..i m still gonna fail now...damn,..I cant even call old pals when i see dem anywhere ..coz the 1st thing strikes in mah mind is...will they ask me..wat am i doing now....DAMN...dis is annoyin me.I m not able to study at all....But sumtimes i feel it is so easy....I dunno..damn..wat shld i do.AFter sum dayz..i do have my exams..n i do wanna score well...COz i do wanna get into navy,,,DAMn...i fear if i dnt do well...i dnt have any other option coz my age is 19 now n aftr dat..i wont b able to go to navy.DAMN...wat shld i do..OH GOD HELP ME...NOW I FEEL DAT...NO one can help me..Not even GOD :(


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A few exam tips for you that helped me:

  • Just read any required material over once or twice .. you'd be surprised how much sinks in
  • Try to go in the exam room/hall with a positive outlook - the odds are that if you do that, you'll do better (cause and effect --> if you feel better, the odds are that you'll remember more, thus do better)
  • Try to relax about it - getting stressed will only impair your thinking

Hope that's helped :)

Good luck :)
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