Am I the only fire junkie?

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by simian_uprising, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. simian_uprising

    simian_uprising New Member

    Am I the only one here-anywhere-that burns? Putting out a cigarette or holding a zippo on your arm/leg is one of the best highs/rush/euphoria you could ever experience. Well, almost as good as grinding up an OC &banging that sucker.The nod on that is incredible, but that is a different subject entirely. I see there are plenty of cutters on here (no snark intended) but no burners. A zippo is the only tool on earth to wake me up from this numb coma I seem to be in. Trust me, its a quick fix.

  2. cookiemonster

    cookiemonster Banned Member

    i burn too but more for self-punishment
  3. LotusFlower

    LotusFlower Antiquities Friend

    I burn myself daily.
    I also do other things. Such as cut and pull hair. My body is a mess of scars. Its hard to explain the scars, No that I am now 30 and seem to have tons of "clumpsy" burn accedents. I think people are starting to catch on.
  4. Asajj

    Asajj Active Member

    Burning is more satisfying to me, but 50 times more painful. I'm guaranteed to make some sort of noise in my attempt to not shout expletives or scream, but rarely am I home alone so cutting means I don't get caught. Another thing I prefer about burning is it's less messy :unsure:
  5. Bambi

    Bambi Well-Known Member

    To you all please know that you can get better. Burning is a tough habit to break I know first hand but please take care of yourselves, take care of your bodies and get help.
    This is part of our illness and a way that it tries to take us so please fight back against it.
  6. thedeafmusician

    thedeafmusician Staff Alumni

    I used to burn, but I don't anymore, mostly because I don't have the stuff to look after burns anymore if they go awry, and I cant risk anything *too* bad happening.
  7. Rind

    Rind New Member

    Burning is my preferred method of self harm. I do it for various reasons. The electric stove is what I use - I press the sides of my hands to the burners just long enough for it to burn me. Sometimes I do a lot more damage than I intended - those things are crazy hot, it's amazing. I'll also use whatever is on the burner when I cook, such as a frying pan or pot. My hands are really scarred. I don't hide it from people or anything - I don't need to, because no one gives a shit.
  8. Domo

    Domo Well-Known Member

    I am also a burner. I agree that there is nothing quite like it.

    Generally i won't play with flames though, i just heat up a pair of scissors and press it against my skin.
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