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am i the only one

i just dont know. My PTSD from the assault is really bothering me lately. Things are so real like it just happened yesterday. The memories are so vivid I can see the things he did like its still happening. I dont want to go into too much detail because I dont want to trigger anyone, but its just so hard. I wish these memories would just go away. I am tired of the flashbacks, the nightmares of running from people trying to hurt me. Its so hard i can still hear what songs were playing. In fact yesterday one of the songs came on the radio and i had to have my boyfriend change the song because it started giving me flashbacks. He wanted to listen to the song but he turned it anyway. I just feel bad because he should be able to listen to those songs. It just adds so much more stress. I just dont know why the details are so vivid in my mind. Does anyone else have this problem? I just dont know. I just know its so hard.
I just feel bad because he should be able to listen to those songs
It's probably relatively more important for you to be free from hearing them.

If he really wants to listen to them while you're around, he could get earphones or something, or just listen to them some other time.

I think it's just a feature of PTSD that details stick in one's mind. Maybe there is some form of therapy that could help.

A member here has suggested that mirtazipine is an anti-depressant that can help with flashbacks.

I think some people have also mentioned off-label use of the drug prazosin.


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No your not alone. There's certain things I avoid due to triggers. Before a certain TV series would be on the TV and I would sob really hard. But now I can change the channel without having a panic attack. I still get very shaky and I have trust issues, but things are healing in it's own time. This happened three years ago and I chose to remain quiet out of fear of being judged. I'm more open about it now. Trust me your not alone, with the way your feeling. I'm glad your boyfriend changed the song, especially if it was upsetting/triggering you. *sadhug

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