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am i the only one ?

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i was wondering ,if I am the only one who literally has no one in her life.
I have no frineds ,no partner ,no extended family .all i have is my family who abuse me ,all 4 of them .
After my brother assaulted me and the guards didnt believe me ,I ran to my sisters.
She told me to get out of her house .that did I have a shower I would dirty the place.Oph you left a plug in ,do you know how much that will cost.
I dont want you there when I get back from work ,I will have to strip the sheets after you.
You are so heavy you will break the bed.
Am I going crazy ? Im looking for a flat but I, broke.Its taking ages to see anyone
I'm quite the same I guess in that the if I disappeared it would take several days for anyone to notice despite that I live in the same house as a parent and two grandparents.
same iv been aused my whole life i wuz yung i went weeks eating nuthin but dog food i wuz beatin with a pole or cut by mom she wuz out all day workin i didn t have a dad i live without love from a girl or frends im in a gang nd i wuz on drugs da only reasonb y im nt cuz dat girl dnt let me do it nd even now shed nevr be wit me damn imma fuckin loser


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I feel alone I have since my illness began its very isolating I pushed people away and let them in a few times each time I get stabbed in the back mocked misunderstood and made to feel more a fool than I already do. My mum is my closest the only person I love but sumtimes I resent her for things she has done the way she can be I don't feel like she's been a mother for years she can't cope with me I make her ill she once referred to me as the thorn in her side. She's left home I've left home before but I came back. My family get me wrong everyone does, they see me as the ex alcoholic idiot childish freak tht just eats n pukes for sumthing to do like I'm tht pathetic. I've learnt to cope without ppl but its a bad place and I wish I had somebody I cud trust sumbody tht can see me and treat me like I exist


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It sounds like your sister has OCD.. She should help you.. Your blood andyou are suppose to look out for each other..I live with my sister and with all my problems I know she gets frustrated with me but she has learned to live with it..Sometimes we don't talk for weeks but just being here we stay close..
starryeyed -

i am very sorry for not getting back to your pm last week sooner. that was bad of me. i was having a rough time of it, but should have got back to you. i am sorry if my lack of response made you feel worse.

but now im doing good, so you contact me if you are feeling this way and just need someone to scream or shoot the shit with, okay?

you are important, take care of you..... first and foremost.

take care.


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Thanks everyone
my sister has ocd id say ,she rings my mother 100 times a day over and over and over ,you wouldnt believe it unless you were there
its funny cos shes looking after disabled people and i dont think she was medically checked out for it
shes not in her right senses ,and im the one who had the nervous breakdown but im so normal compared to them
their behaviour is crazy


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good its the small bits of sunshine that break through the gloom right
just try and find more small things to lift you everyday


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go out driving ,watch films and football ,browse the net
go on forums like these
in saying that i come on forums like these cos im desperate
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