am I too insensitve?

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  1. Darker Than Black

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    him: hello
    me: hi
    him: whos this
    me: i found ur msn on
    him: oh
    me: just want to add some ppl from CAN, alright?
    him: where you from?
    me: Calgary, but i'm in edmonton
    him: oh okk, ur japanese?
    me: chinese..ur nemisis, lol, jk, i'm chinese, i can't post msgs on spw
    him: u must be a guy
    me: u know y?
    him: no, y?
    me: i jst signed up, whats wrong being a guy?
    him: you talk with insensitivity
    me: WTF (in my head)
    me: o, ok, srry, i was raised this way.
    him: well them im removing you. ive had enough of those poeple bye

    ok...he/she didn't even let me finish, i was gonna say like, i rid of all my sensitivity while ago, cuz it did me no good, anyways, am I too insensitive?
  2. Tray

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    dont worry so much about it. He is just super sensitive. I mean you cant be too sensitive in life.