Am I Wrong?

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by Drifter, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Drifter

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    I was starting to fall for this girl and she was the first girl I was interested in since breaking up with my ex 2 years ago. We were talking and things were going great and I found out she was talking to some other guy as well in addition to me. I told her friend that introduced us and he told her, in her eyes I'm wrong for tripping out. I'm probably not gonna talk to her again and forget about it. What do you guys think?
  2. mdmefontaine

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    just my 2 cents. .. .

    go ahead and talk to her. please. dating is a form of 'sifting'. .. we are trying to get to know others. . . and at that part of dating, ie;, just meeting, , , talking, we should not shut the door on others.....

    if you really are interested, then talk to her. sounds like you guys were really connecting. don't worry about who else she is also friends with. if this is to become deeper than a friendship or a 'hook-up'. . . then it will. . . on its own . . but . . you have to take the risk in order to get the reward

    been there, done that, heck, still in the game
    wishing u the best on this xxxx
  3. jameslyons

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    It's up to you. It's not smart to become too emotionally attached to somebody who enjoys flirting with multiple people. If you're really romantic, then it may be a bad idea.

    But just because she's talking to you doesn't mean that she isn't allowed to talk with other people. Both ways are good really. I mean you'll be emotionally hurt if you keep talking with her and she continues to flirt/date/sleep with other guys. But at least you get to feel the emotional high.

    If you're a romantic like me it's worth it. Of course, you may want to just take this as a learning experience and move to somebody who's more like you. It's up to you. A lot of people have experience dating these types of flirts/players. And some do both on occasion. Every relationship is a great place to learn more about yourself and what you believe.

    Best luck


    Whatever you do, don't settle. That's the important thing. PM if you'd like to talk.
  4. Puppy

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    I think you should talk to her. It sounds like you were connecting.

    Don't let something like this ruin your friendship. I wish you luck and happiness
  5. andyc68

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    she's allowed to talk to who she wants while you are not an item, i understand as i have fallen for someone but just forget it, carry on speaking and see how it goes.
    u got nothing to be jealous about mate
  6. wheresmysheep

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    i can understand you for being upset, i get like that. but at the same time, nothing was set in stone. iw ould still talk to her, and then if things got REALLY serious, just explain why you got upset, and apologise
  7. LastCrusade

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    IMHO, may the best man win. Fair Game. Good luck!
  8. Drifter

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    lol very funny. Thank you all for the advice, it is invaluable to me. We were really connecting and for her to start talking with a guy and going out somewhere with him really didn't sit well with me. Maybe I'll talk to her or not, I'll think about it
  9. wibble

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    mate, chill out, seriously. You start acting like a possessive nutter this early on and it'll put her right off. (trust me, I've learnt this the hard way)

    She's speaking to another guy, so what? Fuck him, you are way better than he is, and you have to show her that.

    Dont stop talking to her, if you like her, take the risk and go after her.
  10. Angelo_91

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  11. Drifter

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    Yeah the thing is we've been talking for a lil while now and things were going great, I don't know why she started talking to another guy. If we just BARELY met than I would understand but when it's established that we have something going somewhere that's when I have a problem with it