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Am lost , need some advice

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I have a doctor who i am scheduled to see. Had difficulty at the office voer the last year. The office personnel always give me a hard time scheduling when i want to schedule. Last time i was in, I had great difficulty and left . But because another doctor I see wants me to continue seeing that doc, I patched things up and am scheduled to see that doc where the scheduling is so difficult in couple weeks.

I feel i will have difficulty again scheduling. I really do not want to go to that office any more. Am thinking I will simply state when I want my next appointment , and then if they give me any more difficulty , I will just not schedule and I will just leave .

I was consulting with that doctor on a cancer trial we put together and which he and two other doctors are supporting. I am at point where I refuse to argue with that office's personnel again , ever.

sure need thoughts .


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Can you clarify what kind of "difficulty" you're having with the scheduling?


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the difficulty has previously been -
I wanted to come in and get lupron shots in 119 days , to get maximum dose possible to meet original medicine trial basis.
The staff wanted me to come in after 126 to 133 days to meet what they described as the insurance basis .
When I have asked for specific dates they have not given them to me.

To overcome that I have taken the shots away from them and put them at a cancer hospital.
Now the scheduling basis has nothing to do with insurance .

However, I still expect them to refuse to give me the dates I request.


at least that's what I keep telling myself!
Sounds like asking for what you want and then going elsewhere if they can't do that is a good approach. You'll have given them a chance, but not made it your problem.


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I want to thank you - Walkerbait95 , dtc, and Innocent Forever - for answering me.
I am feeling terribly alone. I am so scared.
I have worked so hard to help others and to research my cancer.
Now, and for the last year, to be thwarted by ignorance at the office's desk, seems to be such an irony.
I feel that every ignorant person in the world has lined up in front of me , to hurt me.
This world seems to be self-imploding - everywhere I look.
I am so emotional from the anti-hormone meds and anti-androgen meds - every day I just want to end this misery.
I can not do this much longer. I don't want to .


at least that's what I keep telling myself!
Sorry to hear you're having such a rough run of it, we're here and listening whenever you need to let it out.

Take care
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