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Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by weeble, Oct 28, 2010.

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    My beautiful cousin, I let you down so badly, I turned my back on you and walked away which was such a selfish act and then you were gone. My sweet cousin, my rock, the only one who knew me and loved me despite everything. I can remember going to bed as a kid and finding a letter or a flower under my duvet which told me that I wasnt alone in this terribly cruel world. They day they told me you were gone, it felt like my heart withered away and died, my beautiful cousin. It was all my fault, I should of stayed with you, I shouldnt of run off like that but stayed and held your hand, cuddled you and protected you the same way you had protected me all our childhood. You were alone when you died, we should of been together. Even after nearly 20 years my heart is still broken. We will be back together soon, help me through this sweetheart then we can both be safe. See you soon x
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    How sad that you have carried this with you for 20 yrs (although I know we never truly get through these things)...I am sure she would have wanted you to go on and have a comfortable life for both of you...big hugs, J