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    I checked out four liquor stores the other day
    being the stupid idiot that i am
    i thought that having a debit card will be proof enough that im 18
    sometimes i cant control my urges
    i need those damn magazines
    i dont get turned on
    but for some reason i cant tear my eyes away from those images
    i feel nothing
    but its addicting
    i have nothing better to do
    im just not attracted to the male body
    not attracted to males in general
    unless he is androgynous
    then that would be something
    ive always felt like a dude around girls
    i felt tall and big and awkward
    i had fantasies of waking up and finding out that ive changed into a male
    but then sometimes i wish that i look more feminine
    and feel more feminine
    i dont know what i am
    what the bible tells me
    its ok though
    i dont need sexuality in my life
    what i need is a clear identity
    i want to know what i am
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    PM me and tell me about it. I'll listen.