Amanda Todd Suicide-Anti-Bullying

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Aria11, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. Aria11

    Aria11 Member

    It makes me so sad to hear about Amanda Todd’s story, a 15 year old Canadian who committed suicide after being bullied for over 2 years. It makes me even sadder that people realize the need to raise awareness after the event has happened. Her video pleading for support, for friendship went viral… after her death.

    What message does this send to all the teenagers suffering out there? Kill yourself, you will get over 4 million views on youtube and 20 fan pages on facebook. What incentive are we giving them to put up a fight? Success stories should receive more attention than those ending with suicide. I am not saying that Amanda’s story should not be used as one of tools to fight bullying but I believe success stories will bring hope, faith and inspire victims to take a stand, face their bullies and overcome such despicable harassment. Bullying is a crime; it should be condemned by law. I hope Amanda’s bully gets a death sentence, he might as well have killed her himself.

    To all you youngsters out there who are being bullied, harassed or harmed in any way, suicide is never the answer. There is always another way. Overcoming your pain is the victory, not ending your life. Please seek help on this forum, so many people here will go out of their ways to make you feel less lonely, accepted and help you heal by dealing with your problems head on.

    I was once a teen, 5 years ago, I know how hard it is to put up with bullying, how desperate you are to feel accepted but trust me, one day, none of this will matter and your high school days will only be a faint memory. Imagine. Just sit and imagine how successful you can potentially be one day and you will look down at your bullies feeling nothing other than pity for them. Most of those who are left out at lunch time or kicked around during fitness classes end up being CEOs, or successful Doctors or what not.

    Don't let other people get to you. Stand up for yourself and remember, you have the power to prevent them from getting to you. Haters will hate, laugh at it, ridicule it and move on.

    I had to put up with a bully at school, I stood up to him years later and in the meantime I resorted to horses. Funny, I know. I used to ride 2 hours a day and spent more time with horses than human beings as I thought they are the filth of this world. I made friends at the riding academy who restored my faith in humanity, gave me the confidence to shut my bully up forever.

    I am now a senior consultant at a multinational company, General Electric, and I am going for my masters in Financial Engineering soon in one of the top schools in the world. Where is my bully now? probably hating me for being so much more than he ever thought he will be. Keep this in mind, you can survive this. If anyone is wondering why I am on this forum long after this whole bullying episode; it is for two reasons 1) I want to help 2) I have BP and talking to people like me helps so it has nothing to do with bullies.

    Dont forget to seek help when you need it.

  2. Petal

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    Hi there, great post :) Amanda's story is extremely similar to mine, I was almost bullied to death too only I did not succeed. 8 years later, the bullies are afraid of ME. I can only imagine what this poor girl was going through moments before her death, what she was thinking, her immense sadness, and what her family are going through now. These bullies need to be brought to justice.
  3. UNE

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    Hi Aria,

    Its great to find someone here that sees the skewed cause and effect of this young lady's passing. Success stories are not just ignored, they are actively resisted by some web-sites and news outlets. Why not use the technology from the movie and music business that removes copyright violating postings. The web spiders can be programmed to seek out and delete hate...

    Additionally, equine therapy is one of the best medicines.
  4. Aria11

    Aria11 Member

    Hi Both,

    I can't imagine what Amanda's family is going through: may they find peace.

    It would be great if such technology were used to seek out and delete hate! I have no clue how this will happen though, or who to talk to to make it happen.

    Equine therapy saved my life! Horses are sensitive, learning how to deal with them gives you patience and learning how to ride gives you confidence :) I highly recommend it. I think I am going to reach out to those anti-bullying groups and see how technology can be used to delete hate and highlight successful stories and give hope. I spent most of yesterday reporting groups on facebook who were making fun of Amanda! You would not believe the things they had to say! Cruel.
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