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    So this girl killed herself because of the amount of bullying she was receiving online 3 days ago, so the internet being what it is has decided to carry on, but she isnt around to see it. It just makes me so fucking angry that people can say and do this shit with no comeback whatsoever. Then theirs the god awful meme's using the very photos that caused the problem in the first place. Even though its child porn seemingly no one gives a toss.

    I hate this compassionless fucked up world at the best of times but this is just something else............
  2. WildCherry

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    I saw the link and could barely stand to read 2 or 3 of the comments. Those people are horrible.
  3. empty101

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    Our society needs to find a way to treat and punish those people like criminals. It's not acceptable and for the most part only exists through the anonymity on the internet and distance between people.

    Unfortunately there's a group of very foolish young boys on the internet and another much much smaller group of sociopaths.
  4. UNE

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    Very sad. Whether adults or people under 18, when the harassed person tries to get help everyone runs away. No options aren't very much to work with. Thankfully this forum exits.
  5. Samara

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    There was another thread (and maybe even more now), about this girl, and I posted there... there is a Facebook page created for her, maybe by an old schoolmate... but somebody who I believe knew her in real life... but didn't know her that closely.

    The person who created it commented on how only now, after she is dead, people care... and how her original youtube video only had a couple comments, and now it has 15,000 comments after she is dead.

    How when she was alive... her critics just kept coming.... and when she is dead, those same critics (bullies) are like "ohhh, so sorry to hear" like phonies, pretending they ever cared.

    This struck me, as being unfortunately true for this case... I believe it is even possible that I might have seen her "secrets" video before actually... because there was a time I was searching for those videos on youtube, in the not too distant past... but I never commented on those videos.... just watched them.

    But maybe I should have commented?

    This girl said she needed somebody... but I am far older than her... so I don't think there is much I could have done anyway for her beyond maybe actually commenting when I initially saw the video, while she was still alive...... ?? Given the situation? I mean she was only 15.... (I am 23...).

    Is that an excuse then from me? Don't know. I feel guilty about it.

    I think maybe the saddest thing, is the part where she states "I'm still here... aren't I?" she made that video to try and encourage others to hang in there... and herself, just couldn't make it.

    Religiously, I worry if she is ... alright now... because some religions suggest she may go to hell for suicide... so I do think about that, and pray for her, that she can be alright now.

    I commented on the Facebook page, that I was sorry I could only say something now, that she has passed...
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    What I find more curious is that with so many warnings about social networks and the internet, of never giving out your personal information, to be careful of what you say and do, of what you post, more and more people think that it does not apply to them and that they are 'safe' from it all, until a story such as this comes along, and then the whole debate gets blown up again, with everyone questioning 'how' these sorts of things could ever happen, and blame it on everyone else.

    Any people always act surprised when I tell them that I do not use facebook, instant messaging or other forms of social network...
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    I was reading a post about this on Facebook about how people who kill themselves are weak, that they need to grow up because they don't have real I guess being hopeless and depressed isn't a real problem? Someone said Darwinism is at work and only the strong just because someone went through a different kind of trauma, doesn't make it any more important than someone who's suicidal. I can't believe people are so heartless wonder I'm sick of the world.
  8. Underground

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    I'm all for "freedom of speech" and "freedom of expression" but I would gladly look the other way if one of those anonymous birdsh*t cowards were to get the sh*t kicked out of them and shot by a member of said victims family or friends. We'll see how quickly these f*cktards screech about "darwinism" or "survival of the fittest" then.