Amazing grace.

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  1. freefalling

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    This life has given me one truly great friend,
    Her words of support she always managed to lend,
    She is there when I wake and last thing at night,
    The one true love of my life and my guiding light.

    Two wonderful boys in our lives we do share,
    She raises them up with immense love and care,
    When they cry she replaces theirs with her own tears,
    She holds them tight and banishes their fears.

    When things are bad she helps me when I fall,
    No questions asked,she always answered my call,
    She pulled me in and protected me from the dark,
    Her gentle kiss,her heart warming spark.

    Her heart melting smile could light up a room,
    But the pain I have caused brings down a gloom,
    For this I am sorry for I do love her so much,
    And I will miss her cheer and soft loving touch.

    One day she will see that this was for the best,
    To eradicate the pain from the family nest,
    But she may well argue that she could have done much more,
    But after years of hurt,my princess,no encore.
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    Beautiful poem :arms:
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