Americans to march in Washington against gov't corruption, war, drones on 9/11/2013

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    The Million American March Against Fear and the March Against Drones will demonstrate dissent among Americans regarding the Obama administration's policy of drone strikes, unlawful military intervention, covert operations that instigate violent conflicts and coups in Arab nations, overreaching surveillance and criminalization of American citizens, lack of government accountability and continued immunity from being tried for crimes against humanity, suppression of dissent by imprisoning whistleblowers and isolating grievances from the public, and for the unlawful detention of persons not charged with a crime.

    These issues, among many others, have struck a cord with the American public, and the following organizations have come together to march in solidarity against being forced to live in fear of a government - created and funded by the People - which no longer abides by the law:

    AMPAC - The American Muslim Political Action Committee AMPAC in cooperation and solidarity with PANDAA - People Against the National Defense Authorization Act;
    AMA - American Muslim Alliance;
    AMT - American Muslim Task Force;
    NDPAAC - National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus;
    NYDPAAC - New York Democratic Party Asian American Caucus;
    NABAB - North American Bangladeshi Association for Bangladesh;
    MDPAAC - Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus;
    CLA - Community Leadership Affairs;
    SACC - South Asian Chamber of Commerce;
    Mosque Care;
    DC Area 9/11 Truth Movement;
    A&E - Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Movement;
    OWS Movement;
    CAIR Los Angeles Chapter;
    MAS Freedom - Muslim American Society;
    MMAT - Muslim Marching Against Terrorism;
    MD Rabbi Alam - the Founder of AMPAC;
    Richard Gage - the Founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Movement;
    Dr. Kevin Barrett - the National Spokesperson for Muslim Think Tank;
    Imam Mahdi Bray the National Executive Director of MAS Freedom;
    Hussam Ayloush - the Executive Director of CAIR Los Angeles;
    and The March Against Drones (MAD) will be gathering on the National Mall, and then launching a march on the halls of power.

    For more information on the Million American March, visit:

    For more information on the March Against Drones (MAD), visit:

    The March Against Drones is being organized with simultaneous demonstrations from San Francisco to New York on Wednesday, September 11, 2013.

    Also simultaneously occurring on 9/11/2013 and the entire month of September, an organization called Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, with support of family members of victims of the 9/11 attacks, will be launching a massive informational campaign across eleven cities around the world, from Sydney to New York City to London, with advertisements that beg the question about mysterious circumstances surrounding the destruction of WTC building 7.

    For more information on that effort, visit: and One of their commercials:
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