AmI so horrible?

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  1. SadPandaBear

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    sigh. Im such a hypocrite... my boyfriend is drinking again.. my patience doesnt exist.

    Im just frustrated... I dont like dealing with drunk people.. while im sober. Not hat he is doing anything wrong.... im just inpatient. Am I so horrible? Where are my "people skills"
    Im so terrible.. im getting angry at his drunken stupors.... sigh I dont mean to be this way...

    I love him 110percent... but I have zero patience for drunken behaviour... except if I were drunk also...
    Its the drunken look...
    the nonsense questions...
    the "make me food.. cause im too drunk.. but can handle it... sort of mindset I cant stand...
    ugh,... I cant stand it.
    I wanna flip out...
    but I dont want to be a bitch..
  2. resistance

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    Sweety this doesn't make you a hypocrite at all. The thing with alcohol is it can change our perceptions, I guess you could go as far to say sometimes, depending on the person and how they tolerate alcohol, it can change the personality too. When we're drunk we find things acceptable, that we wouldn't when we were sober. When we're sober we have our senses but when alcohol is involved it can effect them.

    Perhaps you could have a talk with your boyfriend when you're both sober. Perhaps you could stop drinking or cut down on the drinking together, if you want to that is.
  3. Anime-Zodiac

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    Talk to your boyfriend and try to come to some sort of understanding.