An afterthought (love poem)

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  1. Isa

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    Soft musky glow of aftershave and afterthought,
    Dusts our skin and paints our memories glittering.

    The barricades are down I am exposed.

    The light thrown across the floor, spilt carelessly unseen,
    Lips like morphine, hit me again, hearts fluttering.

    I am addicted, thick blood crawls with feeling.

    Warm skin against skin and smells like protection,
    Sleep teases me to slumber in your wake.

    Emotion pushes through vaults and valves I closed.

    A blush of morning washes over us and our silence,
    As we sleep wrapt in each other and ache.

    I ache with new expression and experiences healing,
    Healing my scars with summer breeze touches,
    And autumn day warmth whispering I love you in the skies.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.