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An Angry World

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I have nothing left. The stresses of everything are too much for me. I get yelled at by instructors at college and am there to learn. My parents are on my case for not getting enough hours at work and want me to work 2 jobs this summer. I have started to cut again. I am totally nicotine free. I am lost in this world of madness. I have been crying out for help and no one listens.


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Hey! I'll listen to you!
You always have something left...Although sometimes it's difficult to see.

As for family? At this point, they are merely a burden to you. Do what you yourself feel is right.

Self harm? You're channeling your pain. You could find healthier outlets...(And I'm one to talk...)

If you need an ear, I'm here for you. Feel free to PM me.
Hey Blackfire,

I feel the same. I feel like I'm trapped inside of a cold/angry world too. Its hurts really really bad:(. I feel so completely alone at this point. I just wish I could find my way out of this hellhole but suicide is so damn hard!!!!! They should have euthanasia clinics for the suicidal! Life is shit and not worth living anymore. I keep hoping world war 3 will break out soon and I'll get blown up or starve to death or something. Man life sucks!

Anyway, just want you to know your definitely not alone in your pain!



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thanks all. it is still so painful. but good to know you are here. welcome to the new ones. sf is a good place to get support. has anyone heard from jane doe lately? later.
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