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An Apology

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I think I may have inadvertently offended two good friends of mine. I was talking about in the past how I had a better social life with friends where we'd go to amusement parks. Then I suddenly realized I was making my current friends feel like shit. I meant to say when I had wilder times in the past, not meaning to make any negative reflection on them, as I have good times with them without going to the parks.

So I left a message and decided not to bring it up in case maybe they overlooked my mistaken insult. I offered to take them out to dinner. In fact, today I stopped by their house without calling - something I never do and hate to do, but I needed to know if they were offended. I knocked on the door, no answer.

It comes down to I'm afraid of losing their relationship, any relationship these days. Guess all I can do now is be patient.



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Oh God been there!

Best thing to do, if you think they were offended, ask them outright with a quick follow thru with what you've said here.
If they're true friends you'll all laugh about this later.
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