an eclectic rant on why i suck

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    Now, omg. I am such a bad person. Not even trying to be all "poor me I'm so sad blah blah blah" or anything, but it really sucks that there is not a logical reason in the world I feel like this. I get it. It doesn't make sense and it pisses everyone off. Just don_ tell me to "focus harder and bring up those grades" when you don't even know the reason behind the slip. Don't threaten to send me off away somewhere for some stupid scratches when you won't een ask me why they're there. Don't tell me "it's ok, i'm. Not mad at you" when there is no reason why you would be anyways. Yea. My brothedr's in a wheelchair. Sucks for me, being the little girl who never got both of her parents to pay attention for more than a minute. Booo hoo. People have it so much worse than me. At least my parents are together. At least we're all alive. I've never been touched, or forced to do anything I didn't wanna do. I am, however, unable to control myself because of lack of guidance in that area from my parents. Whatever. Awkward talk:avoided. My boyfriend is great. I am bi, he doesn't know. He'd probably love me anywaus. Awesome for me. There is nothing logistically wrong with my life. Even the scratches on my arm are just scratches. I've never gotten the razor blade out, never broken my fingers or seriously burned myself on purpose. All it is is a stipid dinner knife with a serated edge that just leaves a mark for a few weeks but never even breaks the skin. Not even that bad. There's no reason why I should whine as much as I do. I'm just a selfish, needy little bitch who can only worry about her poor little emotions. Whatever. Screw me. I suck. I'm quite aware.
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    I suck also so lets just stick one finger up at the entire world and suck together :laugh: Seriously though, seems like your your own worst enemy and i bet not everyone percieves you the way you percieve yourself
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    Yay! *hugs* damn you, world!!! >:-}D~