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An extra hug.

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It’s been a long day God. I whispered your name for help every seconds of the day. Did You hear my cry for help? It’s hard to keep faith when everything is going south. I feel everything around me is crumbling down. I’m drowning and i can’t breathe. I just wanted to come home and run to You, and all the agony and sadness in me will disappear.

I ask for your mercy and guidance God, i believe that no matter what happens. You are a good God. I cast all my anxiety, my depression, my suicidal thoughts, all the bad thoughts into Your loving hands. Help me to understand and see the world through your lens, teach me how to grow and shape me just the way You wanted me to be.

Even though, things aren’t making sense now. I know that you care for me and understands what i’m going through. You are the living God, King above all kings. Someone who can move mountains, the one who put billions of stars in the sky and yet knows me by name. May your name be glorified through my life, until i take my last breath on this earth.

I know i can do this, i can do all things with You besides me. Im not giving up, i’ll run this race and i will finish it. Send an extra hug for me today God, i really needed it. Love you.

In Jesus name i pray, amen.
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