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An extremely serious question.

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i'd say it would be more like masturbation...considering our children are not clones of ourselves, but two sets of DNA coming together.

would the clone be the same age as us? if we give them some sought of 'ageing' drug


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I would say its closer to masturbation. That being said, I dont think I could have a sexual relationship with a clone of myself.

A threesome might be a possiability tho. :lol!:


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Who's to say your clone will want to have sex with you :D
Plus, genetically speaking :O
I suppose that would be like masturbating to a picture of yourself or your reflection in a mirror.

Narh, at the least it'd be incest because of the genetic issues I guess. Defiantly not masturbation, unless it was done to eachother by eachother. Trimming my words :P

Can I ask what sparked this particular question?


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"Masturbation" refers to sexual gratification using hands. Masturbation can be performed alone or on others.

You can have incestuous masturbation...


The correct answer is, it's classified as HOT.


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If you create a clone of yourself and then have sex with your clone, is it incest or masturbation?

It cant be either one if you take the strict definition of the words. even if its a clone it will not have had exactly the same life experience as its double, that would be impossible. Its more like a twin brother and so verging on incest but not exactly. it cant be incest because your not related.

Masturbation, lol, not really

we need a new word for clones!


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Although it's a clone, it's still its own independent entity. Having sex with it would be incest because the clone is your offspring.

/thread & rated
Its not an offspring in the laws eyes... and offspring has two peoples genes creating a new and unique entity.

Its a clone, its an exact copy even with a different mindset. it cant be incest.
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