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Ah, anger! A feeling I know well - but always been in control thankfully. Well, now I'm older I'm in control but still you can get angry over genuine things. Sometimes anger has to be - as it was for me today.

I went out shopping today - not pleasurable shopping like buying some CDs or musical instruments, just the boring mundane shopping for food.

Well, it has to be done, I don't mind shopping sometimes, you meet people, hear things, find out stuff. Sometimes you even get everything on your list and feel good.

So I'm in a supermarket, I'll not name it, and the line is pretty long. I have a full basket - so no chance of someone saying "here love, you go ahead of me" - sometimes this happens - single man or woman, or pensioners the hunter gatherers with the 'prey' are allowed to go past those with trolleys full of the spoils of the hunt.

The line is long - I'm patient, I mean, we stand in a line for ten minutes and get fed up - try sitting in the tills and seeing no break as the endless going and coming of the hungry population continues.

So I'm there - the line splits into two lines - some dash to another line but fail to see a trolley full for the hungry litter. I stay and the line gets shorter. I notice a young lady in front of me - I mistook the man with her for her father till it became obvious they were a couple.

Something struck me about the man. His demeanour towards this young lady was all wrong. You know when you see a women who looks like she has settled to be a victim? I'm not demeaning that - it's just sad to see it happen.

Anyhow, the man spoke in harsh terms, but I could not hear him. He almost seemed to push the young lady at one point - a look of anger could be detected in his face - but that nasty kind of anger - as if he might have put his hand to her if he was alone. A coward.

The Jerk eventually hands over his cash for the bill once all the food and beverage was bagged up. A**hole never ever offered to help. In the UK - some supermarkets leave it to the ladies and gents on the tills or cash machines to bag everything up. Customers can and often do bag up their own items. This can be hard work for till workers unless the supermarket designs a ergonomic workspace which means items can be bagged without having to do much lifting.

When I get to the till there is no space for me to help bag the food. I apologise and the lady on the till asks me did I hear what the previous man said? "No" says I - and she explained how he bad mouthed the woman who was with him - treated her 'like a dog'. I jokingly said "You'd bash his brains in for that" and she laughed, but was obviously a little upset.

I felt like following the idiot and smashing him with a well aimed bag containing two jars of pasta sauce. Treble wrap the sauce and I could have still managed to eat my pasta also even if the jar broke.

I've seen him around, and the lady he was with. I guess I'll keep my eye out or ask around because I live in an area were secrets like that are never secret.

Had he hit her there and then - I'd have made a citizens arrest and hopefully thrown him down so he gets a little roughed up. You can always say it looked like he was reaching for something in his pocket. Plus, innocent shoppers all around, right? Can't take a chance in incidents like that.

I guess someone running an anger management course would tell me I done the right thing by walking away - but maybe focusing the anger on someone who deserves it might be better?

Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything stupid. I got no romantic inclination there - but I thought I'd get it off my chest.

I guess the woman on the till was the heroine in this tale - she gave BAD looks to this a**hole and all the girls in the shop obviously mark the customers out of 10 for politeness and perhaps based on whether you say hello to them. I always do - because people like this, they keep the nation afloat. Some get treated like rubbish but in my area most people are polite to shop staff.

A**holes like the idiot in this tale, kind of just give me a sinking feeling.

I feel like punching people like that.

Last but not least - I know how things are but if perchance you are in some abusive relationship - and I'm talking verbal put-downs, general nastiness - I'm telling you straight - you got to dump that chump ASAP.

Don't make me get my pasta sauce now!

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anger i think if i was there i would have stepped in but maybe t hat would have caused more problems later for the women cops should be called next time step in like you say rough him up a bit i hope she is alright


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Don't u just love situations like that :dry:
Was wandering into the chemist for some stuff for my son's nappy rash (this was some time ago as he's now 28 :rofl: )
Woman coming out of chemist with 2/3 year old in tow when she turned round and called this little toddler a f****** c***.
Kid you not, could not believe my ears.
Told the vile bitch that she was a disgrace, chemist scythed in as well, so we ended up with a three way slanging match.
Look down and little girl is sobbing fit to bust, so I shut up pronto.

So do we interfere or not?
In this case I couldn't keep quiet, but in hindsight I think the child paid the price.

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yup they always do if she can talk like that in public eye image what she does in comfort of her home i like to follow these people home and report themto child services maybe smarten them up some
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