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An incident where two girls laughed at me

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I went to an internet cafe because I needed something to be printed on paper. I had to download it from my e-mail adress first so I had to stay there for a few minutes. I've known the owner of the cafe for years because he's the brother of an old friend.(although I only saw him like maybe 10 times). So I was talking to him. When I started talking 2 girls around the ages 20-25(I'm 24) started laughing. I knew they were laughing at me because my voice is a little weird and I can't pronounce the "r" letter. Whenever the owner of the cafe said something and I replied, they would laugh more. I didn't say something because I would feel emberrased and wouldn't go there again if I did. So I pretended like I didn't know they were laughing at me although it was pretty obvious and they were trying to laugh more just to have more fun(group psychology, if there was only one of them, she wouldn't even laugh once). I just got the paper and went out. When I was in primary-mid-high school a lot worse incidents than that were happening every day. But I was used to it. But since I don't go out much I became more sensitive. It reminded me that although I don't go to high school any more and don't see them, people are still the same.
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I have to agree with AmIAlive who said the people laughing at you have the problems,not you. THat's mean and hateful and only people who don't have any good sense will be so mean. Please try to ignore them. Don't give them any response, they want an 'audience' - don't give them one.

Not all people are mean like that, the mean ones just stand out more, ya know?:mad:



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To be honest I think the only reason the way you speak is going to affect you is if you let it. Be confident about it (i know it's hard) but just think hey, fuck you! i might speak this way and if i wanted i'd have gotten theropy to have it changed, you'll always be a bitch though! Or perhaps just smile at them, make fun of yourself, if you can laugh with them at yourself they lose power over you. Still i know it's not nice to be laughed at and doing what i just said isn't exactly easy...


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Some people are just assholes. It is a disability, like mental retardation. In a way, you have to feel sorry for them.

However, I do believe they should be raped by devout Muslims then sold into slavery.

But sometimes, you just have to be the bigger man.


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Thanks for all the replies. I know you're right but it still makes me sad whenever I think about it.

By the way painsource I don't think that kind of thinking is logical. If a person is fat or ugly, that doesn't increase their chance of being a jerk. If it did, I would make fun with other people's voice or other things but I don't. I wouldn't even want my worst enemies to feel that way because I would rather prefer that feeling to be erased from the world.


I hate those people.

You are so right about the whole "if there was just one, they wouldn't laugh at all". Just like someone I know in Highschool who would be making so much fun of people.... everyone would laugh at his rude comments to people. Yet when he was alone, he was mature... and talked fine.... very messed up and stupid.

they just like the attention..... I have yet to figiure out how to fight that other then to ignore them best you can and know your correct.


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However, I do believe they should be raped by devout Muslims then sold into slavery.
What? :huh:

What's the significance of 'devout Muslims'? And I know you were joking and I'm obviously the one without a sense of humour but sold into slavery?? :blink:

Anyway, Asmoday,

They are obviously very insecure individuals themselves, which is why they feel the need to draw attention to things that others feel self-conscious about. Try to remember this and it might make you feel a little better. I know it's really horrible to be in that situation, but really it's nothing personal. That doesn't make it okay, but you know what I mean.

I also want to second what Xan said :smile:.

Hope you're feeling okay. These people aren't worth your time. :hug:

PS. I think painsource was just trying to make you sort of smile and feel better :smile:.


The two laughing girls need to be severely boot-stomped . :furious:
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