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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Forgotten_Man, May 20, 2012.

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  1. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    So I took a nap this afternoon and I had a very rare experience of having a dream and remembering it. This is a pretty rare experience for me as I generally only take away emotions... and sometimes physical strain. Like this time around when I woke up I was panting and my heart was racing. Anyway, I say I remembered the dream... but that might be a bit of an exaggeration. I remember the overall story of the dream.. the details are hazy though.

    So anyway in this dream I was.. well I guess you could call me a hero or something. Anyway, I was sneaking around.. well I guess it was a ship or something. I am not sure what I was doing there.. maybe I was sabatoging something or trying to steal something. All I know is that I was eventually caught. Thus my escape sequence began, Metal Gear style. Problem is much like in Metal Gear, on very high difficulty settings, everything I did alerted someone. So in my frustration I just started to kill off the guards that came at me. Here is the part that strikes me as odd.

    As I slowly offed all of the guards, more difficult ones started to appear. Instead of being shaped like generic Solider A bad guys. They started to take on forms of people I know... The ones I knew were much harder to kill for some reason. Some were people I have not seen in decades. Then as I struggled on I started to get tired, and gained more injuries. This increased the difficulty of survival. However, eventually I managed to reach the boss area. I am pretty sure this is where I had lost. I could not make out the boss and shortly there after I woke up. I have always had weird nap dreams.. this is no exception.

    I have to wonder if this dream is telling me that as long as I keep my current identity... I am.. well I am killing myself?
  2. lav11

    lav11 Well-Known Member

    hey forgotten man,
    that is a very strange dream indeed, when i read it a few ideas popped into my head what it could mean.. the first one i thought of was that maybe fighting off the people who you know and care for is just doing more damage to yourself.. maybe bringing you down or as you said in the long run killing yourself..

    It could be something like just keeping your current identity.. or something far fetched like you being suspicious of the people you knows motives..

    the confusing thing about dreams is a lot of the times we dont actually understand them or why we have them.. My T tells me with my nightmares that i have them because it is what is worrying me the most and i internally am ready to start working on the problem behind them (being assaulted).. maybe yours is the same.. Is your current identity worrying you? if so then that may be why you had the dream...

    hope that was some help..
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