An ode to my little black box.

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    Dear little black box,

    Oh how I admire your six walls of isolation; I doubt I could call any one of them a roof or a floor, this is how disorientation you make me feel. I like that you let me see out but don't let anyone see in, I like the way you turn everything dark, like Im wearing sunglasses indoors.

    Some times I think it would be better if I had a red rubber ball to bounce around, stop myself from feeling your influences by being distracted even just a tiny bit.

    It would be nice though if you'd let me leave once and a while, I promise to creep back eventually, I just don't like how you make everyone come and visit me in my dark space. It only makes them see what I'm seeing, I think it frightens them and drives them away. Or is that me defending you? Have I become so attached to you that I don't want to let anyone else in for fear they will know how to take me away from you.

    With confusion and loathing,
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  3. Daydreams

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    And little black box... why do you insist on closing in the walls when I think I've found a way out... are you intentionally trying to crush me to death?

    I just wanted to let you know I don't appreciate it.

    *** *** ***

    Thanks chargette.
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    Your writing is so beautiful so real like i am there in the box withyou I can so relate thanks