An ode to self.....

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  1. Huw

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    Life is straight forward

    people cause complications

    mostly self-inflicted.

    So you thought

    there wouldn’t be consequences

    but you weren’t really thinking

    nor were you understanding

    that cause leads to effect.

    Didn’t you realise

    that your conscience

    would at some point

    accuse and judge

    and that you would

    experience guilt

    and the foreboding

    sense of looming judgement.

    Feeling sorry for yourself

    blaming all and everyone

    seeking release

    but finding despair

    hoping for comfort

    where there is none.

    The mocking bird

    has flown in

    and circles your mind

    there is laughter

    there is derision

    but not from you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.