An Open Letter To My, Now Ex Girlfriend

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    She prolly won't read this as she never checks out the love and relationships forum, but here goes,

    My Dearest ......,

    Thank you.

    Thank you for helping me to feel love again. Until you came along I didnt want love, I wasnt looking for love, and all I trusted with my emotions were pain and despair.

    You taught me, that I deserve to be happy. Even with all the crap I caused with my disease, I still deserved to be happy.

    You were a great keeper of my heart.
    I will always cherish the moments we had, and I will always love you.

    But.....I have a chance now. I have the one chance to get back together with my family.

    Please understand, that my suicide attempts and all the other bad stuff, was a direct result of the pain I inflicted onto myself with my alcoholism.

    When I realized that this disease pushed my family away from me, I just wanted to die, and sought out ways to do that.

    God is now in my life. He is in control. I truly believe, that you were sent to me, to guide me back into the light of love, and happiness.

    That was your purpose.

    I am a better man today, because of you.
    I don't know what my future holds.
    I may not be able to quit smoking and if so, I wont be able to come home.
    But....I have to try.

    I am sorry for the pain I am surely putting you through.


    that was the one thing I never wanted to do.

    There will always be love in my heart for you.

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  2. triggs

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    aw bill that is so lovely :hug:
  3. Godsdrummer

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    Thanks triggs!!!

    I only hope she understands that I meant every word.

    Cutting her loose, was the hardest thing I have had to do in a really very long time.

    I still love her a lot.