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an update for you guys

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hi there, i apologize if this double posts or anything as i'm on my cellphone in the car on a 1 hour ride to the crisis unit. let me just say that i attempted, they thought that wasnt enough to get hospitalized, im pissed, and am going to have a very long week ahead of me. im not quite sure how long i'll be in there for, as im probably going to go to the psych hospital once i'm out. i love you all and hope to talk to you guys soon, i have a few member's numbers so im hoping theyll keep you updated as time progresses. im sorry for worrying any of you but im ok except for some things that are normal after attempts.. hopefully ill get my life on track. again, i love you all. thank you so much for the support i've gotten.


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I'm glad you are on the way to finding some help. And yes i hope you or your friends keep us updated. Good luck hun :arms:


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So today i'm leaving the crisis center and tuesday i'm starting an IOP. i'll post more about it later but i just wantto give another update quick before this computer im on crashes again for the 5th time.


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Glad to hear from you and that you are getting the care you need...we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers and please keep us posted how you are doing...J
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