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and another thing!


Jay Jay from the UK
Staff Alumni
Another theme that I see on social mediais for some people and organisations to post things that use terminology like "We all" and "All of us"

Does it bother me? Of course it does!

One thing that I have learned about mental illness is that it is unique to each person and that even though we may share some common symptoms or issues, we are different people.

I treat each person that talks to me as an individual as I cannot know what they are going through and it is fair to not say things like "We all have that" as it invalidates that persons experiences.

I do not fully know why some people post using "We all do this" and similar, maybe it is because they are not confident in speaking or drawing attention to themselves?

The language that some Mental Health Advocates use tells me that they do not fully understand what they are talking about.

Please treat us as individuals, not as "everyone" as I and others deserve that.


The way I interpret the "We" and "All of Us" type of lingo on that level is so people don't feel so alone or freakish, and so destigmatize mental health issues in some sense. Like mental illness is part of the human condition, nothing to really be ashamed about. Of course when you get to actually see a therapist or psychiatrist face to face, it becomes a very individual thing. Or am I missing some other element of mental health advocates/groups?

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