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    Im sorry i know it seems like im posting a lot in here recently but i guess i got a lot to get off my chest. Ive been noticing a lot of similarities with people on here. This is one thing that really annoys me so i apologise now if this upsets some people.

    Ok then ive spotted some threads where the person who posts claims to have tried absoloutely everything. They are at the end of their tether, they say no-one cares, etc. Further investigation however reveals not once have they actually seen a doctor or psychiatrist and assume for some bizarre reason that some of us are trained psychiatrists. I have been lucky to have been trained by the Samaritans as a Listener when i was in prison but i am not a psychiatrist which some people seem to think. I just have a lot of life experience and can relate a lot to people but as people know i have a god damn awful temper and am useless half the time.

    I guess what im trying to say is the first port of call should always be first and foremost a GP or Psychiatrist.
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    I agree with you Chuck! Hope you're doing well buddy...aside from the irritation with those that claim they've tried everything when they've really tried nothing.
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    Yeah im doing good, just getting all my gripes with people out of my system and put in a thread
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    Well for those that think that, ponder this. What kind of pdoc would waste his or her time here doing for free what they get paid big bucks to do in RL? Not any that I've seen in the years I've been dealing with them. Besides personally I think life experience is far better and helps us to relate to one another much better than any text book learning could.

    And I agree, anyone who comes here, should have already seen a GP, pdoc or some sort of professional help or counselling. And it should be a common line of suggestion for support from others here. Professional help, is always a first step, then peer to peer support. Just my opinion though.
  5. boo

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    Getting angry at people who come here without seeing a shrink first is pointless. This isn't some kind of 12-steps programs that requires you to do step 1 before step 2.

    After i've been to the hospital i was appointed to a shrink, but i didn't bother going. I don't think a highly paid professional gives a rat's ass about me unlike some people i met on SF. Shrinks are nothing but legalized drug dealers. I rather not to be turned into a pill dependant zombie for the rest of my life.

    Second point is, not everyone wants to be save, but just to be heard. It feels good to write down stuff and know that someone might have read it.

    So will i ever see a shrink? No, not even if my life depends on it. And that's my perogative.
  6. Kaos General

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    No no nooooooooooooo i think you misunderstand me completely. It goes back to my other thread about liars. People who claim to have tried evrything humanly possible when in fact they havent. And then they come on here to treat me and other people like we are paid to be here.
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    It's not so much that they've really done all there is that is possible for them, but they've done everything they're willing and comfortable to do. Not everyone can afford to see a professional for help, or some might not be adults, so they'd have to go through parents which might not be something that they want to do.

    I agree a lot with Boo's post. If I were to go to a shrink, all I'd be to them is another dollar. To me it doesn't feel like someone getting paid to listen to me actually cares, which makes it all pointless since all I'd be doing is talking out the things on my mind. Basically if I'm going to do that, I'm going to go somewhere that people understand and can relate to me, and have a choice to listen or not. I'm sure that's the way a lot of people see it, which is why they come here first.

    I don't think there's any need to be so harsh on the people trying to get help one of the few ways they know how. You could always suggest to them that they see they're doctor or such and get advice from them if you feel they're lying. Everyone's got their flaws, some have just got more than others.
  8. Axiom

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    Well it's not so black and white or straight and narrow as that. Some people refuse to go to GP's/psychiatrists because they know what a shit storm they will be getting themselves into. It can affect your job, it goes on a record, they can request you be sent somewhere, you can be declared unfit to look after anyone, some might lose custody of their children, some people might be in situations where they are fighting for custody of their children ect.

    Some people just havent gone to a a GP or what have you, and have hit rock bottom so hard that the thought ofgoing to them is so far behind the situation they are currently in, that going to a GP wont currently help them.

    Im not sure why other peoples opinons is getting to you so much, but I think "this" whole thing is something you might want to try and work out of. It'll always be there, but in the end, you are alot more than the drama that comes with this sort of stuff. Just saying.

    Kind regards