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Hey hun,

what caused you to attempt suicide? I'm sorry to hear that you felt so bad you felt you wanted to die. I don't know anything about you, or anything about your life, but please believe me when I say that suicide is NEVER a good option. You can get better. It'll take time and effort and it'll be hard, but you can get better.

If you're in a situation you feel you'll never escape from except through death, please take a moment to think deeply and reconsider. There probably is a way you can get out of your situation and forge a happier life. Please believe that. It might be hard to try and get out, but ultimately, it's a better path than suicide.

Peace and love man.


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A lot of people here feel the same way you do. Just remember that we are here for you. If you ever want to talk I would really like to listen and help if
I can. Take care and I hope you are safe.
I'm glad you are still here. I saw one of your other posts and you said that God is punishing you. The reason bad things happen is because of sin which came into the world through Adam and Eve. They had free will because they were created perfect by God and they blew it for all of the human race. Sin entered through them from the devil. Ourselves and our world is sinful and the only way to heaven is Jesus. God forgives all earthly sins(including murder and suicide) if you put your trust in his son, Jesus Christ, as your only hope. We do not have to do any "good works" to be saved, and how we live our life on earth does not matter. All you have to do is believe in the one true God and no matter what you do wrong, he will forgive you. The only sin that cannot be forgiven is denying Christ. Sorry if you dont like the Bible thrown at you, but sometimes the truth is offensive. I do not understand how God's free gift of eternal life can be offensive. We should rejoice because it is FREE!
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