And here I am. Like, whatever.

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by GhastlyDemise, Apr 10, 2007.

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  1. GhastlyDemise

    GhastlyDemise Well-Known Member

    Well, this is me. I'm GhastlyDemise, from The Netherlands and... And now I'm here. I'm 14 years old and if you have questions, go ahead and ask.
  2. Scum

    Scum Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the site :)

    Hopefully SF can provide you with whatever it is you are looking for.

    Take care of yourself
  3. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    Hey there

    welcome to SF

    i hope u find some support here
  4. beautifuloblivion

    beautifuloblivion Well-Known Member

    :welcome: to SF! I'm looking forward to seeing you around. :hug:
  5. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    :welcome: to SF GhastlyDemise. When you feel comfortable, why not tell us a little more about yourself and what led you to find us? I hope you feel at ease here. We are here to offer you support in any manner we can. :hug:
  6. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    Hi, welcome to SF :)

    Take care, and hope to see you around

  7. Sa Palomera

    Sa Palomera Well-Known Member

    Welcome to SF, GhastlyDemise :welcome:

    Like I said in your thread elsewhere on the forum, feel free to add me to your MSN. Nice to see another Dutchie around.

    Hopefully SuicideForum can bring you the help and support it's brought many others :smile:
  8. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Welcome to the site!:smile: We are a friendly lot and will listen to you and give you all the support we possibly can.

  9. GhastlyDemise

    GhastlyDemise Well-Known Member

    I'll try to.
    I have a disorder -not quite sure how to name it in English- and I'm on medication. I'm struggling with my past. For a long time I was depressed and suicidal, even attempted it a few times. The suicidal thoughts lessened when I got hit by a car (ironic).
    I feel like pushed into a corner or something, I dunno. I just want to be on my one, be left alone by everyone who claimes to help me.

    I'm just tired of trying to pull through.
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