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  1. And now for a darker poem I wrote trying to capture the strange, sick comfort feelings of suicide can bring.

    Black Hope

    Dark Tendrils reach,
    caressing and corrupting,
    noble, but ignoble,

    What is wrong is right,
    some would deny, but others welcome,
    a bittersweet embrace, leading
    blindly into the unknown.

    To live or to die?
    By asking, is a soul's fate sealed?

    Black thoughts entrench in the mind,
    vanguards of an unwelcome desire,
    a repulsive reflex which
    stains the hopes of day with
    promises of night.

    Fear meets resolve,
    and worth is weighted.
    Life is valued,
    like a butcher to his sow
    Self made merchants,
    dealing in death.

    The soul,
    at war between two certanties:
    Never to lose love's light,
    yet never to thrive in the dark

    Conflict! Despair!
    How can one abandon the very sweey sustenance,
    Oh, sweet sustenance!
    Which bonds one's heart to live?

    Prophetic fears fly out of a trembling mouth,
    yet deadly movements are stilled,
    and days pass under clouded skies,
    onward and onward....
    anxious eternity.

    Sullen paths lie ahead
    and still the traveler must tread,
    Guided, Controlled, Consumed,
    by Black Hope​
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    You are a very skilled and creative writer - I hope you keep posting your works. Thank you.
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