And she says she supports me?!

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    She asks me why I've decided to switch schools. I say that SRC wasn't right for me. She says "Well, remember, you're not mature yet. When you are you'll be able to finish things on your own." On a whim I open a computer game I was stuck on, and get past the fight the first time. I say yay, and she starts telling me about a Dr. Phil episode on this guy who was addicted to computer games and was about to lose his house because of it.

    What the hell?! And I'm stuck here for the next week.
  2. fromthatshow

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    Well try your best to block her out for this week that you.. have to be there?
    I've gotten good at blocking people like that out over the years but come here as often as you need.
    I'm sorry that she's not more supportive :console: