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...And this is why my sister didn't want to live with my parents.

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I normally sleep in late because I stay up late, but this morning between my mother yelling at the smoothie machine, my brother listening to the TV louder than he needed to, the cat meowing his head off, and the dork barking her head off, I couldn't sleep.

My mother's smoothie machine wasn't secured and smoothie went all over the counters. And after telling me I need to make sure all the dishes are clean by the time she home she left for work leaving the smoothie mess all over the place.

I wasn't fully awake so I played on the computer a bit. Then when i went to do the dishes I realized just how bad the mess was. We have a bug problem right now and the counter and sink were filled with tiny ants. Not because the dishes hadn't been done, I'm lucky if I see one or two when I normally do dishes, but because there was smoothie all over the place. And all over her smoothie maker were more of them, so I did the only decent thing and started to clean it out. I even took the spout apart, and that's when shit hit the fucking fan. The nozzle was disgusting, there was sugar reside all over it. Now if you've never cleaned a tea pitcher or anything like that you may not know what I mean, but I felt like I was back at my old job because it looked like the sweet tea nozzle after someone hadn't cleaned it for a month.

I took pictures of that at least. And I'm going to show her why she needs to actually take care of the stuff she owns.

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aww good for you for helping and clean up ithink it was a good idea to take a picture to show your mom Maybe that will encourage her to keep it clean after each use I hope you get some rest now while she is at work hugs
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