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    I had to talk to someone from my bank today for about 15 mins about how I have gone over my allowed overdraft, and he kept taking digs at how I really need to get a job. I have send out dozens and dozens of applications, and it's not as easy as he makes it seem.
    I mean, good for him that he has a steady job, but we don't all have that luxury.

    He was being really horrid, and after I hung up I burst out into tears. I now have a banging headache, but don't want to take anything against it incase I just swallow them all (i wouldn't. dont worry. i hate even swallowing one)
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    I'm so sorry you were treated so badly, AMSE :( I'm hanging by a thread financially as well, and can say from experience that it seems like customer service type people have gotten much more jaded and mean. I screen every call, and if I absolutely must call them, I walk around the house with the phone in my hand for hours just trying to work up the courage to get a dial tone. Overdrafts are a pretty regular in my world, too, as they are with many good people like us :) Hang in there, Sweetie. :console: