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  1. whatever.

    whatever. Guest

    I am tired. I am tired. And I am tired.

    I am exhausted. But I find strength to express it. In words. By typing. On a forum. About suicide. A forum about suicide. And I am typing.

    I need help. Not help. Like counseling. Fuck ACE. Real help. Experience. Someone with experience. Who went through is going through will go through what I went through am going through will go through.

    Pretenses Facades Propiety It's all the craze then it dies away leaving that one hanging by a thread.

    Princess? Never. Manipulate deceive destroy control and if this is so maybe there is no God at all.

    Just one shred of hope like a flickering candle and I can overcome anything. Need to know that He does exist otherwise there is no meaning to waking every morning facing the day passing the night and never knowing but suspecting that this mind is not my own. Princess, Princess. Lavish but by the swing of the pendulum I am expendable.

    Day by day I grow more weary, and tell me the truth even though it burns. It is more torturous not knowing then knowing and accepting this fate.
  2. deretsigernu

    deretsigernu Guest

    Damn, I wish I knew what to tell you.
    I'm feeling the exact same way.
    Sincerest best wishes. :hug:
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