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    Hmmm I must have an obsession with angels or something lol.. i mean I keep drawing them... writing about them... lol. Actually I wrote this a long while ago... not long before I attempted actually... I *think* I'm strong enough to post this now...actually I dont know if this counts as poetry even... :unsure:

    Anyway, here you go...

    She’s an angel – or so they say...perfect in every way.

    Or is she?

    She doesn’t believe them, for she knows she is only human. Despite what other people may think.

    They say she’s immortal, with her ability to help and heal people... but how could she be able to do what she does now? ...Without having been there too...

    And also, are angels capable of making mistakes? Making the wrong choices?

    How much can this supposed angel take... before she can’t fly anymore? And when she falls... who is going to catch her?

    Already its happening... is anyone there? Already she is starting to falter in her flight... beginning her descent into her own mind, where she may never come out again, as it slowly crushes her.

    I suppose she isn't as perfect as they think... I suppose it shows how much they care too, that they dont even notice...

    When she starts to fade away...

    When will they notice? Will it be too late? She hopes not, and hopes that someone will hear her silent cry for help... before its too late.
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    :pixie: Wonderful! :angel:
  3. Jess

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    I liked it mucho hun

    super duper poem

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