angels amoung us...

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by eih, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. eih

    eih Well-Known Member

    I write nicer poems.. kinda try to remind me there's good in some people.. any way.. when I was on the verge of doing it I wrote this.....sorry it sucks and its so long...

    Angels among us

    Helpless in my life
    Filled with sadness and strife

    Keeping my pain to myself
    Not a word to escape my mouth

    Thoughts about to burst
    I had to rid this curse

    I looked around and saw no one
    Sure I was done

    Blind by my own hand
    From the ones who wanted to help me stand

    They watched from afar
    Until I went to far

    I knew what I did was wrong
    I was too pathetic to be strong

    I called out for help
    In a cry and yelp

    They came running at the first sign
    There presence in darkness was a shine

    I never knew they’d be there
    I never knew how or why they would care

    They lifted me up off the ground
    Confident I would rebound

    I’m thankful for the blessing
    Yet I’m still guessing

    Why do I deserve
    Those of such kindness whom serve

    The good of human kind
    Why oh why was it me they were to find

    They comfort me day after day
    Never cared to be repaid

    They tell me life is precious and tell me to see
    The goodness in me

    With they’re eyes I can now see why life is worth living
    It’s not all wonderful but still worth forgiving
    They say they cannot say goodbye
    They tell me I cannot die

    I listen to every word they say
    They tell me not to go so I stay

    I don’t know if they are heaven sent
    I believe these people, flesh and blood, are the angels that walk among us

    They come when you call
    They catch you when you fall

    Thank every single one of you
    None world I will never trust, love, admire, and praise such as you special few
  2. I think its a terrific expression of hope when there seems none. You're a lucky one...

  3. BrokenPieces

    BrokenPieces Well-Known Member

    what a beautiful poem...

    and it seems true... our angels are walking among us...

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