Angels & Demons & Me

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    She straddles the line between light and dark.

    Angels call to her in the light of day

    Fly with us and we’ll part the way

    We’ll show you the path of innocence

    Bright eyes reminisce to childhood,

    a fleeting flash of happiness.

    Like reprimanding a child, the divine beseech the girl

    To offer herself selflessly, to the light, to the bright.

    Demons lurk on the other side

    Their devilish grins spread far and wide.

    They chant in whispers come play with us, come play with us

    Heart beats faster as the excitement builds

    A stranger spots this and her dark nature he gilds.

    Like candy to a child, the predator offers to the prey

    Promises of companionship, of strength

    If only she would succumb to his bite, to the night.

    The woman’s reply,

    Do not tell me my nature; I exist in shades of gray

    I forge my own path. I make my own way

    And your boxes are starting to bore me.
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