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Anger anger anger

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Kina, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. Kina

    Kina Member

    I resent the personal justice system.

    I spent 2 years in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship some years back. Basically, I was a rebound for this man, who had such incredible love/hate feelings for his ex(who took off on him and married someone else), that I just was there to take the brunt of it. I don't know why I stayed, but eventually I wised up and left.

    From time to time, he writes me these vicious emails. I block them as they come, but you know, he has a good handful of them. They're just filled with bitterness. He claims he really loved me and I broke his heart, this is my punishment RIGHT. Sorry, but no. I know twisted love, I know it well. He did not love me in any form.

    I got an email recently, from an ebay member, with a question about one of my items. Well yeah, it wound up being him. He said he's finally letting me have peace, as that woman he so longed for, for fucking eons, divorced that guy and went right back to him.


    What the fuck? Ok, I'll assume it's true. It could not be, but it probably is. First off, what the hell is wrong with her? And I thought I was bad when it came to jumping relationships. Second, why? Why is it, that someone who can treat people with such disdain, can get what he wants? Where the hell is the justice in this? And why, why...Would she go back to someone like him? He has been single since I left him - Clearly for good reason. He must be charming the shit out of her. The slithering snake before he strikes. God, I'm so mad. I'm so mad that she has her blinders on, I feel sorry for her, but at the same time I don't, because SHE is placing herself in a situation which she already knows is bad, from past experience. And why does this abusive bastard, who clearly hasn't even attempted to change his ways, land the things that he wants? He's got this way of making everything fall into his lap.