Anger ***TRIGGER***

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    I need to let some things out. This is just venting, please don't read anymore into it.

    I'm angry that employers never give me a chance when I'm at least 10 times as smart as them. I'm angry at my dad for never being around. I'm angry at my mum for not allowing crying and not leaving me alone. I'm angry at the people who bullied me at school - fuck you you little cocksuckers, you're not worth shit. Have you ever had the thoughts I've had? Have you ever had feelings as strong as I have? Have you ever loved as hard as I have? No? Well fuck off then because you're not worth my time. I'm angry at my exs - you stuck up psycho bitches, do you know how much damage you did to me? The beatings I took, the insults you flung at me, the mind fucks I received on a daily basis. Well I'm not your performing puppy any longer. Go live your boring little lives, but you missed out. I'm angry at the man who abused me - don't hide behind a learning disability, you knew it was wrong because you told me not to tell anyone. You raped a 5 year old child for fuck's sake, how could you do that? I trusted you. I hope you rot in hell, along with your mother. You bitch I did not seduce him, I am not a whore, I was a kid. And you're a fucking lunatic with a paedophile for a son. I'm angry at social services for covering it up - you didn't belive me but I know what he did. But you just sent him off to live with another family. How many other children did he abuse? How many more fucked up lives rest on your head? I'm angry at anyone who thinks I'm freak - yes, I was born both male and female, big fucking whoop. A dick doesn't make a man. I'm a better man than most guys, I don't use women. All I want is a wife and kids and I'd die to protect them. I want to be a provider. I'm angry at the fakeness, the bullshit, the lies, the attention seeking, the nasty little jibes, the bottleneck that develops in my throat every time I try to speak. I want to let out my tears and my dreams and my fears. I want to be a hero just once to somebody.