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  1. stressed

    stressed New Member

    Was not sure where to post this question so posted it here, feel free to move it if it's in the wrong section...

    My question is how do I control feelings of extreme anger towards people?

    I don't often lose my temper it's mainly anger on the inside that feels like its eating me alive.
    I feel so angry towards those who did me bad and wish bad onto them, I try to forget if not forgive and to move on with my life without any anger and pain inside, I long to be calm but hard as I try it just gets worse and i'm constantly irritated edgy and annoyed, it's like a huge weight is inside of me and sucking all the energy away. Most of the time I get through the day quite happily then comes the days where I feel awful start getting suicidal thoughts and wonder if life's worth living anymore, i've no family little friends(with friends it's choice because I don't trust people) feels like the bad luck just never ends.

    I know there's medication for depression but does anyone know of anything for anger???
    When I get onto my 'bad days' as I call them it's very overwhelming, they only last a few days usually then i'm back to my usual self, my insides get heavy, anger boils inside and I start to hate the world especially my family, I just feel so angry inside, feels like i'm two completely different people.

    I just wanna know is there anything I can take medicine-wise that would calm me inside when these days come? I really don't want to feel all this anger and pain but when it comes it grips hold of me for days and it's a battle fighting it, I don't want to live with it anymore.
  2. Chargette

    Chargette Well-Known Member

    My recipe for letting go anger. Write on paper (do not read), tear up paper, put in toy dump truck, vroom truck to gabage can, empty.

    It's worth a try.
  3. Mr A and the sky pilots

    Mr A and the sky pilots Active Member

    Your angry because of somthing. These people who make you angry, youl have to explain more about who they are. But I felt angry for a long time about how i was treated, it took a mental health officer to tell me that it clearly wasnt my fault but that they lost their job for their own fault. I had walked around feeling guilty, angry, and depressed. Medication can be given citolopram is good, it can lift you mood and taked a couple of days to work.

    But really the biggest stress remover for me is being around other people. I like you, i only have one real friend, so i talk as much as i can. If your young still, my advice is to propergate as many friendships as you can, because youl reget it if you dont.
  4. twc

    twc Well-Known Member

    I know two things:

    talking to someone who really listens,

    and doing something physical (that is not violent) like sports.

    I'm sure there are other things.
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