Angry about the perception made about this generation

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  1. sadhart

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    Apparently I'm part of the Generation Y group and apparently every generation before this one were perfect hard workers who were totally independent since the day they were born. I have had it up to here with a bunch of self righteous dicks acting like if you don't have a job or a house of your own, it's because you aren't looking and just being lazy or trying hard enough. That may be the case for some, but not all of us.

    It just makes me feel so worthless....
  2. FrainBart

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    I can completely relate. I have been on more than one occasion been called a scrounger.

    I am a (youngish) mum. I don't have a job, yet nor do i have the qualifications to meet requirementsa for the jobs available today. A group of mums belittled me and made me feel worthless a little while back for being on benefits and my daughter getting a nursery place, (funded). They were not happy with it. and just called me a lazy benefit scrounging bitch. I contemplated writing them something which in the end got scrapped, because I know it would have added fuel to the fire.

    I guess for now unfortunately we just have to grit our teeth and bare it. Its not pleasant or fun :(
  3. Kiba

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    I can understand.. I am also on benefits. I wish I could work, but I can't. And yes it seems ppl of an older generation are more likely to get a job then those who are younger for whatever reason. Just sucks.
  4. Davekyn

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    Hi Guys,
    Sorry your feeling that way. I understand how it is that you would feel that way. I Just turned 44. I came into this messed up world after the Baby boomers ... Does that make me X or something??? Sometime I get upset thinking how easy the Baby boomers have it, like with cheap houses and much much more way back then. Thing are much more complicated now and ... well ... the Earth is way over populated and bla bla bla.

    Allow me to say that I entirely sympathise with you guys! It's not easy coming into this world at the stage many young ones now are doing. I am totally depressed at watching my own kids struggle.

    I myself have lived in over 30 different dwellings and very much unemployable with whatever mental illnesses society would like to bestow some label to.

    Personally I could care less for materialistic attachments that we have been taught that make us whom we think we are. I say that, but still struggle to give up such thinking as you know ... due to the constant brainwashing and expectations of so many under the addiction of such living.

    Forgive me ... this is not about me. I really do feel for many young ones today. We humans have become so selfish in our ways, always blaming others. Always judging!

    I am sorry for the way that you are feeling. I Just came back to this forum after some time ago ... intending to make my own post on just how much I myself have given up.

    Take care now.
  5. Kaos General

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    Anyone that spouts that utter garbage should be always be put in their place with this:

    Your generation caused these problems that prevent me from getting a job, a house or any future at all. You generation are the sole cause for all the worlds problems that my generation will be paying for long after your dead.

    Im called a scrounger constantly because i have a illness that the government doesnt recognise as debilitating enough. But David Cameron thinks even people with cancer should be working so its not really surprising.
  6. sadhart

    sadhart Well-Known Member

    I appreciate you all for understanding, and I'm sorry about the hardships you're dealing with as well. Hopefully all of our situations will look up feels weird saying that, but I would like to believe it can happen.
  7. Davekyn

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    I'm not sure if your referring to me of not? What garbage are you talking about? Perhaps talking about it will only make you feel more bitter ... YES Societal expectations can be rather cruel in many circumstances. I agree with you, however it is not weather we a wrong or right in our opinions, but more how we deal with what drives us into such rage and despair.

    Have you ever heard the quote "Every Generation blames the one before"? ... I used to think what a cop out! How easy it is to come up with such one liners in order to justify ones own mistakes; or something to that effect. I'm kind of over blaming full stop, or can see how how useless it really is. Of course I still try to make sense of it all and in fact still fall victim to blaming others myself. I really don't know!

    None the less, I do sympathise with those of you who feel like you have been deprived of a better existence by those that have become before you. I have for some time now been bitching about this and much more ... Usually I try to reason the process into which our world has now come ... but often many of the labels I use challenge others and it gets messy from there. An Ego thing I guess? None the less, I am coming to learn how blinded I myself can be as I let my emotions rule.

    One way I view things is seeing how Generations have changed in the way that they mingle with each other. Seems to me that we are all becoming less tolerant of each other. Particularly those of us not doing so well. Once people in their 50's would be grand parents with a completely different set of morals than those peers of today. Now people in their 50's are just starting to have kids which kind sets a whole new set of standards that differs or reshapes a new set of principles and morals of those that where commonly taught before. I guess I am thinking the process of family and community has been tainted as we have evolved over the last century in particular.

    The modern age of making life easier, looking for a quicker way of doing things! Consumerism being what dictates how we live, with little thought given to those who suffer in it's wake. The modern age now imprints all with an set of standards that measures one self on Obligations, status, and sense of worth based on Geographic location, educational back ground and present resume ... all else means very little. All ones mistakes are recorded and kept on record to ensure the preservation of those more elite. A simple process of getting by in an imperfect world for many; usually an accepted perception by those at the bottom to disabled to do anything about it. Then you have those living in bliss who come up with all kinds of philosophies to justify the pain of others whilst living so abundantly.

    It's not just about the generational gaps ... be assured that those you have become disgruntled with in you mind set, are also just as bitter towards those that come before them as is typical of negative thinking resultant from such frustration living with such obviously turmoil and the hypocrisy of those that claim their right to live in such bliss.

    I don't know really ... but I do try my beast to reason as an observer, when I am not driven with rage. Such is the predicament of many of us as we try to think our way out of such things. The world is in obvious decline and whilst many profess a so called awakening, I would say too little to late. I myself am at my own wits end ... a so called spot in which will help me see.

    Perhaps I shall come to know such pain as for it's so called intent and place or event that is said must be ... who knows ... I am here because I am sick of living, yet attempt to reason with others whom despise me because I was born a generation before. I'm kind of done with such hate ... I am all hated out.

    Take what little care can be found.
  8. Davekyn

    Davekyn Banned Member

    Much appreciated. Thank You.
  9. Davekyn

    Davekyn Banned Member

    Kaos General ... I have bad Dyslexia and only have just seen what your getting at and the bold text to which you refer. Happens a lot with me. I get what your saying about the expectations. My mate had brain caner and died several weeks after a phone call about his lack of enthusiasm with regard to job hunting! I'm done participating in the human race pretty much full stop ... when contemplating such things!
  10. meaningless-vessel

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    Davekyn, the quote you made is actually an opening song lyric - from a song titled 'the living years' (mike and the mechanics is the group).

    I am a firm believer that people should be held accountable for their actions. Blaming others is not going to solve the issues the world faces today. It's just a way to create more friction, and cause even more issues.

    I'm sorry that all of your situations have been far from ideal.
  11. Davekyn

    Davekyn Banned Member

    Hi Unimportant ... That's an interesting Name you have there. I'd have to say %90 of the things I think about are most likely that in the over all scheme of things. Arrr YES that band I listened to often. That's where it came from. I was thinking Johnny Farnham as well?

    Accountability is a hard topic for me to understand. I also believe it's important ... if I may use such a word ... :) ... but I think it's more important when accountability comes from within, rather than enforced.

    I understand how it is that young ones today can feel rather cheated by those before them, however as someone who has been thinking likewise ever since I came into the world, I do wish I gave up earlier beating that drum so as to save a little steam for actually making best do with what I have. That I am only coming to learn now, however what disappoints me now more than ever; I shall write more about elsewhere in this forum.

    Thank you for your words Unimportant.
    I somehow felt I would find some similarities here with others who are either fed up or been there enough to know where others are trying to come from.

    Once again ... I understand this topic well.
    I go commence my own space elsewhere.