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    I had to get a ton of angry texts from my dad's wife and my half brother telling me to stop asking my dad for money. How is it their business? My dad is such a scum for telling them our business. I can't believe the stuff these people told me. This lady is beyond low. She insults me and she insults my mother. She calls me every name in the book. The bottom line is that she is a scum bag who got pregnant by a married man. She knew he was married with a child and did not care. I would like to add that I have never had a relationship with these people. They know zero about me, yet they talk soooo much smack. I'm sick of it. They bring up stories that my dad told them about me from when I was in high school. Most of the stuff is not even true. The immaturity of people is unbelievable. At least I got in a few good words. All this stuff still hurts.
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    Sounds pretty immature, yeah... she's probably a very bitter woman.

    It sucks that she's been in your business and that she's so rude about it. You *ARE* her 'husband's' child afterall - it is half his responsibility to help you get along in life, even if he isn't your fulltime dad anymore.
    I'm sure she's just too bitter and jealous to think of that though, all she sees is $$$$$$$$

    I think you'll have to have a calm talk with your dad about that. It's not fair to you that you get treated that way by his 'new' family. -___-
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    I couldn't have said that better..... He has barely been a part-time dad the past few years...

    Unfortunately, he doesn't understand the meaning of a calm talk anymore. He just hangs up on me whenever I bring up an issue no matter how calm. Yesterday, he just couldn't understand why I was bothered by the texts. He told me I was rambling and he made it seem like I was to blame for the texts. HELLO! My half brother half brother had texted me at 2 am, talking about stuff that only my dad would know. I didn't even know who it was at first because I don't have this kid's number or his wife.
    My "dad" also still has this idea in his head that my mother controls my every thought about him. Sorry, I am 22 and I have my own eyes and ears. I feel the pain he has caused me when no matter what I do, he is never proud of me. He never acknowledges a holiday or a birthday. He is indifferent when I tell him exciting news.
    I just can not sleep now thinking about all the terrible names I had to be called by this woman and my half brother. She claims that by me asking my dad for money, I am taking money away from her kids so I can go shopping! Does she not realize I needed money for classes? I even told my scum dad he could go to the school and pay for them himself!!! She kept saying I was a liar that why don't I go apply for financial aid and a job at the grocery store. Excuse me, I wish financial aid paid for everything!!! Also, even if I wanted to ask for money for shopping, THAT IS MY DAD AND HE WAS MINE FIRST! As for the grocery store comment, that was just beyond trashy.
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    Hey C, Stick to your guns.. You don't owe this witch an explanation.. He's your dad and you can talk to him whenever you want to..I think you did the right thing by telling him to go to the school and pay them himself.. It shows your maturity..Don't let her drag you down..Tell her to f--k off and die..