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  1. forever_scarred

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    am i crazy to feel angry by seeing people say 'u should be content with what u have' but then see the same person come in and be really upset and cry and be suicidal for feeling exactly the same way that others were...people that he told to basically buck up? i see it happen so much and i dont say anything....i dunno maybe im part of the problem...but it gets me so angry cuz its not that easy for someone to just accept life as it stands and be happy with it. Am the only person this upsets? Cuz no one else in chat seems to care.
  2. total eclipse

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    Hun if it was that easy no one would be derpessed hun He is wrong to say such things and i hope you know that it takes work to get oneself well hun and lots of understanding and care hugs toyou
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    That phrase has bothered me, too. The people that say it often times don't look that prosperous to me.

    Maybe it helps people feel better. Ones that know they're trapped. I want more.

    Finding someone else in worse condition than me is easy. So what.

    Any line about "buck up" sounds simple minded and doesn't go with me.

    The author of that line hasn't started a thread about it. Too bad.

    Surprised that anyone able to buck up would be in a suicide chat room.