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    This is probably not even something I should be angry about, but it just really pisses me off!
    This guy has been working on our two desktop computer we have in our house. He's one of my mom's friend and she's paying him $30 and err "benefits" if you know what I mean. And he was here over the weekend and came back last night and all day today to finish fixing them. When he fixed my computer last time I had no mic but sound and the only way I had a mic was right through my speaker system but if I was sending a voice clip they couldnt hear. only I could through my speakers. I eventually fixed it so both worked, but had their flaws. So he said he fixed it today while I was at school. But I could still faintly hear it through the speakers but the sound to the voice clip was suuuuper quiet. He came in hear to fixed and said he'd be done in about 20 minutes. Sooooo he called his ride and then right after that unistalled the whole sound system! NO SOUND! AT ALL. He left. Without fixing it. He said he 'might' be back tomorrow. DAMN STRAIGHT he'll be back tomorrow. I swear. I cannot live without a mic or freaking sound. I live on music. And of course it would be the day my iPod is playing up to.
    I WAS having a really good day, for once. I was in a good mood. yeah, one little thing can throw that off cuz it offsets my whole night. Now I can't be in my room cuz I can't be alone without certain distractions and yeah. UGH! I'm just so fucking frustrated. I'm probably usual. Don't even honestly know why I decided to write this. :dry:
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    I wondered if it was the "benefits" that he gets from your mum that has bugged you?
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    well, yes, that does bug me, of course. But I won't be home when it happens. I just want my speakers and mic fixed.