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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Tnecniv, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. Tnecniv

    Tnecniv Well-Known Member

    I can't handle the angst anymore... I'm afraid of everything and everyone.. even my closest friends who I love and "trust" do I feel are out to hurt me..

    Nothings ever going to be alright...

    When I'm out walking, I see thousands of faceless,nameless people, who stare at me... but their not there... I hear steps behind me, and when I turn around... no one there... I can't even think straight... I'm so scared and alone all the time... I love my friends, and I'm always afraid that anything are going to hurt them, but I'm also afraid that they are going to hurt me physically or mentally... I can't handle it anymore... I break down at the street in the middle of the city, or alone out on the countryside, and cry and cry, and I'm mumbling and screaming, hitting myself in the head in desperation when I try to gain control... I can't go in a buss without thinking that I might never get out, or eating my food without being afraid that its poisoned.... So far I've gone inside the buss and eaten my food, but I'm not sure for how much longer I can keep the little control I got and stop eating and stay in bed...

    I've talked to my therapist about it, and she says that I definatly need medication... like that would work.... I got medication before, and that only made things worse, but on second hand, that was anti psychotic meds, not anti angst......

    I'm just not sure for how long I can handle this.... I'm only fifteen years old... this is to hard for me to handle.... :sad:
  2. HOW

    HOW Well-Known Member

    Your therapist is right, you really should try getting medication and stay on it. Even if you feel worse at the beginning, as it takes time for the meds to kick in and have their desired affect.
  3. Tnecniv

    Tnecniv Well-Known Member

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