Angsty Sunday

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Cortez, Sep 26, 2010.

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  1. Cortez

    Cortez Banned Member

    I used to cry 4 times a day…for you

    I cared for you, you were my sanity

    You were my hope

    in a prairie field in the middle of no where

    Under a big blue sky

    I walk alone

    But inside memories and revelations accompany me

    Hope, despair, love, hate

    Is all present

    But in the land of the lost it doesn’t matter

    You are only human

    If they let you

    Among other things I keep looking

    Keep asking permission

    To expose myself bear

    Leaving me vulnerable

    But I remember 2003

    I remember crazy J

    How the inside and out

    Had no correlation

    Anything goes now

    All bets are off

    But you will be in my heart….forever
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  2. Twinkle ☆ Twinkle

    Twinkle ☆ Twinkle Well-Known Member

    Some pharase remind me of how I sometimes feel.
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